Welcome Friends

Welcome to Frontline Veterans Support, a community group set up by veterans in order to provide other veterans and their families with the tools to help them learn to live and cope with Combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental or physical disabilities due to service.

Our Mission

Frontline Veterans Support aims to

  • Support Veteran’s Mobility Needs

    To support veterans to maintain their homes and gardens; including required adjustments to the building itself, in line with improvements recommended by Occupational Therapists.

  • Support Physical and Emotional Needs

    Support the physical and emotional needs of the veterans and their families, encouraging socialisation through various activities and trips (e.g. the Arboretum), and to prevent isolation.

  • Promote PTSD Awareness

    To promote awareness of combat post-traumatic stress disorder through the media and by giving talks to various groups and at events in Plymouth and surrounding areas.

  • Meet and Assess Veterans’ Needs

    To meet veterans and their families in their homes to assess their needs; to work with them to produce a support plan which will allow them to take ownership of their situation and support.

  • Regular Coffee Mornings

    To run regular coffee mornings for veterans and their families; somewhere veterans can spend as much or as little time as they wish with like minded people.

  • Help Veterans Develop and Enhance Skills

    To help veterans and their immediate families enhance/develop their skills and confidence. Helping them into employment and reducing isolation.

  • Raise Group Funds

    To raise funds for the group in order to be self-sufficient. Fund raising through local events, applications to grant funding organisations and the FVS Women’s Section.

  • Provide Tools Combatting Isolation

    To provide veterans with the tools needed, including tablet mobile devices when available, to help prevent their isolation while unable to leave their homes. Through the use of technology they can attend virtual support groups and build their own social networks enhancing their emotional wellbeing.